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Types of courses


inlingua is your one stop Language Center.

inlingua is truly your one stop language service for language course
We are a dedicated international training organization which specializes in courses for business and industry. We have over 40 years experience in providing training to executives and professionals in both the private and government sectors. We offer complete international communication solutions, from language courses to translation, transcription or interpretation services. With additional Translation and Interpretation Centers throughout the United States as well as over 350 affiliates worldwide, we have the resources to handle everything from a one-page letter translation to the largest of projects .Whatever your language needs, you can count on inlingua Puerto Rico for world-class service. Little wonder most Fortune 500 companies in Puerto Rico rely on us for language training for their employees, translation and interpretation services.

M.I.P – Maximum Intensity Program
C.I.P – Crash Intensity Program
F.F.P – Flexible Frequency Program
Semi-Private Instruction
Group Instruction


Maximum Intensity Program
M.I.P. – Full Time Instruction.

This course provides maximum language proficiency in the shortest possible time, usually 2-5 weeks. This is immersion training and a full-time learning experience. The target language is spoken all day in both structured and real life situation. You begin your intensive, private lessons from 9am until noon. After a break for lunch classes start again from 2pm until 7pm. You take private lessons from several instructors, for the entire day. M.I.P. lessons run from 6-10 classes every day, with 3-4 hours’ worth of daily auto-lab and homework.


Crash Intensity Program

C.I.P. – Part Time Instruction.

C.I.P. is the fastest way to learn when your job requires you to come to classes for half a day. Very much like the M.I.P., the target language is spoken all the time in structured and real life situation. However, the program’s period of time is shorter, running from 3-5 classes every day for 3-6 weeks. Both M.I.P. and C.I.P. should be followed by a regularly scheduled program of 4-6 classes weekly.


Flexible Frequency Program
F.F.P. – Part Time Instruction

Our most requested program, providing students with individual instruction (1 student – 1 teacher) on a totally flexible schedule.
You choose the days and hours that are most convenient. Instruction may be taken every day, or on any number of days, assuring you total flexibility.
You may choose between the hours of 8:30am to 9pm Monday through Friday, and 8.30am to 3pm on Saturdays. Each class is 45 minutes and the participant takes a minimum of 2 classes per week.


Semi-Private Instruction

Any of our courses may be taken by 2-3 participants together. This can be arranged provided the participants are all at the same level and are available at the same time.
It is important to remember that it takes longer to accomplish objectives in a Semi Private or Group class than it does in Private Instruction.


Group Instruction

F.F.P. (our Flexible Frequency Program) is also available for companies, clubs, and different organizations. Your company may place from 4-6 participants in a group. There is a flat rate per group, regardless of the number of participants.
While this result in a low per person cost as compared to Private Instruction, it may take longer to reach a particular level of proficiency.

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